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  • Rowing Coxswain Megaphone Pendant

    Announce your appreciation for coxswains with our sterling silver Rowing Coxswain Megaphone Pendant!

    This pendant is a tribute to coxswains, the unsung heroes of rowing, guiding the crew to victory. The unique megaphone design symbolizes their vital role in every race. Gift it to your coxswain as a token of gratitude, or wear it proudly to honor their dedication. Let them know their voice matters both on and off the water.

    Celebrate coxswains with this special rowing jewelry. Get yours today or gift it to your favorite coxswain. Paired with our exquisite 18-inch sterling silver chain, our Rowing Coxswain Megaphone Pendant is sure to complete your cox-inspired look.

    Stand out at rowing regattas while paying homage to these essential members of the team.