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About Us

Do you remember one day when you woke up and your head was exploding with an idea? It was early 2013, we were all close to the graduation time and were looking for opportunities to stay connected with the sport. Back then, the very first rowing jewelry idea arose.

It was not until later that year Marcin moved to New York and met two passionate jewelers from ARD Jewelry Studio. In the past, professionals from ARD created designs for major NY-based jewelry makers, including Tiffany&Co and Bloomingdale's. Together, we created over 20 unique rowing designs and further strive to design exceptional pieces, market them at fair prices, and make a few people smile every day! Since 2015, we deliver our unique jewelry to the UK through our partners at Rowperfect (www.rowperfect.co.uk) and Oxford University (www.oushop.com). We are currently expanding to Australia. Visit www.rowingjewelry.com.au to claim your local piece today, look at our inspirations and learn about the way we make it!