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    Our jewelry is meticulously crafted by hand. From design to casting and polishing, each product has its own story and undergoes end-to-end bespoke experience.


    Whether you’re awater sport athlete, or you know someone who is, our unique commemorative keepsake rowing gifts are the perfect way to celebrate milestones both large and small.

    Our expert designers have experience working with top brands including Tiffany & Co. and Bloomingdale's to develop exquisite styles - and now they create unique looks for our one-of-a-kind rowing jewellery.

    We are inspired by the amazing athletes who row, kayak and canoe.  Our collection includes  finely-crafted rowing-inspired jewellery like oar-shaped rowing bracelets, rowing pendants, rowing rings, rowing tie tacks and rowing cufflinks.You’ll also find an exceptional collection of kayak jewellery and kayak gifts as well as canoe jewellery and canoe gifts.

    And because nobody understands camaraderie quite like a crew, we offer complete customization so you can create personalized commemorative rowing jewellery and custom ties that represents your amazing team.

    All of our designs combine tradition with modern style so you can mark milestones and be inspired to achieve even more.


    We love offering  jewellery that celebrates our passion for all water sports. If we can make you smile with our designs, we’ve done our job.

    We offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase.