agosto 23, 2017 2 min read

Looking for a perfect rowing jewelry bracelet? Strokeside Designs recently developed a rowing jewelry bracelet collection with 4 unique bracelet pieces available in 14k gold and 925 sterling silver. The collection includes Cleaver Oar Women’s Bracelet, Rowing Bent Oar Bracelet, Women Hinge Bracelet and Small Oar Bracelet. All the above mentioned oar jewelry pieces were designed by Strokeside jewelers in Brooklyn, New York, from where we manufacture and ship jewelry worldwide.

Cleaver Oar Women’s Bracelet represents a classic design with a slightly bent cleaver oar in the front and handmade finishing in the back. The inspiration for this bracelet was jewelry from 80s with its unique and intricate designs. The link for this bracelet is made out of genuine 14k gold in all versions. This bracelet is perfect for evening rowing-related events.

Rowing Bent Oar Bracelet is the most popular bracelet design in our store. The history of this bracelet is quite different. The beauty of this design is its simplicity, coming from the balance between moderate rowing ornaments and the contemporary bracelet style. The bracelet starts with a small oar handle and wraps around a hand to finish with the Strokeside Cleaver Oar. This bracelet is usually bought in 925 silver, but we also offer pieces in 14k white and yellow gold.

Rowing Women’s Hinge Bracelet is the third unique design offered by Strokeside. The bracelet bases on the bent oar, from which the wire circles around the hand to ‘hinge’ into the bottom part. The handmade finishing of this oar jewelry bracelet is made by ARD Jewelry Studio in Brooklyn. The oar itself contains 14k yellow gold wire in all available versions. This oar bracelet is usually bought in 925 silver, but we also offer pieces in 14k white and yellow gold.

The last but not least, Strokeside released the Small Oar Bracelet, a small oar-based piece finished with a lobster lock. This piece, similarly to the Bent Oar Bracelet, was made as a simple design for everyday use. Each small oar is handmade finished and polished by ARD Jewelry Studio. You can wear this item during your training, school and rowing-related events. The most popular version for this bracelet is 14k white gold, but we also offer this oar jewelry in 14k yellow gold and 925 silver.