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  • Rowing Single Scull Necklace

    The Single Scull Necklace captures the spirit of a sculler going all out for that gold medal. Featuring a medium-sized design, it's a striking accessory for rowing enthusiasts. Crafted in elegant 925 sterling silver.

    Whether you're an aspiring champion or simply appreciate the dedication it takes to row a single scull, this necklace celebrates the pursuit of excellence. Each stroke propels you forward, just like the sculler on this elegant piece.

    Add the Single Scull Necklace to your collection of rowing jewelry and stand out at every regatta. It's a unique piece that showcases your passion for the sport. Made with care in 925 sterling silver, it's a symbol of your rowing dedication.

    Necklace Length: 18 inches
    Single Scull Dimensions:
    Width: 0.5’’
    Height: 1.3’’