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  • Rowing Quad Necklace

    The Rowing Quad Necklace is the perfect gift for your dedicated rowing crew or a heartfelt token of gratitude for your exceptional rowing coach. Crafted in stunning 925 Sterling Silver.

    Rowing in a quad demands unwavering teamwork and precision. This necklace embodies the essence of working seamlessly together to conquer the water. It's not just a piece of jewelry; it's a tribute to the dedication and camaraderie that define the sport.

    Whether you're celebrating your crew's achievements or acknowledging your coach's tireless efforts, the Quad Necklace is a distinctive choice. Made with care in 925 sterling silver, it's a unique piece of rowing jewelry that will make a statement at every rowing regatta.

    Necklace Dimensions:
    Four Width: 0.5’’
    Four Height: 2.25’’
    Total length: 18 inch