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  • Rowing Chain Necklace

    This Rowing Chain Necklace is a staple classic, allowing you to subtly express your love for rowing. Crafted with meticulous care in 925 sterling silver, it features a secure clasp closure.

    Rowing isn't just a sport; it's a way of life. This necklace serves as a timeless symbol of your passion for rowing, a reminder of the countless strokes and miles you've conquered. It's an elegant accessory that tells your unique story.

    Elevate your rowing style with this exquisite piece of rowing jewelry. Whether you're on the water or cheering from the shore, the Rowing Chain Necklace is a distinctive choice that will set you apart at every rowing regatta. All our rowing jewelry is crafted in 925 sterling silver, ensuring quality and elegance.

    Oar dimensions: width: 1" x height: 0.3"
    Total length: 18"