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  • Rowing US National Team Oar Stud Earrings

    Celebrate greatness with our US National Team Oar Stud Earrings. Carefully hand-polished in 925 Sterling Silver and adorned with hard-fired enamel, these earrings are a tribute to the passion and dedication of rowers. They're the perfect accessory for both casual and formal attire.

    These earrings go beyond mere jewelry; they symbolize excellence and commitment. Crafted with precision, the US National Team Oar Stud Earrings are a testament to your love for rowing. Whether you're at a regatta or a special event, wear them proudly to represent the dedication it takes to be part of the national team.

    Order them today for yourself or as a gift to a fellow rowing enthusiast. Stand out at every rowing regatta and showcase your team pride with these exquisite earrings.