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About Us

From Rowers To Rowers...

Strokeside Designs creates, manufactures, and markets unique personal rowing items made from genuine materials. We are a group of passionate individuals committed to bringing the best jewelry and accessories to rowers, families, and all who caught the positive bug to love the sport!

Our journey with jewelry started in 2013, when we met two passionate jewelers from ARD Jewelry Studio. In the past, professionals from ARD created designs for major NY-based jewelry makers, including Tiffany&Co and Bloomingdale's. Our headquarter is located in Brooklyn, NY, from where we strive to design exceptional pieces, market them at fair prices, and make a few people smile every day!

Do you have questions? Call us at (347) 470-0280 or

Send us an email at sales@rowingjewelry.com

Visit us in person at: 93 Nassau Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

With every product you have 30-days money back guarantee! For more information, visit our Shipping and Refund Policy.