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  1. Plan your race strategy ahead of time

Visualization is a great tool for every race. Therefore, going over all the details of the race in your mind, can help you get that extra edge. Prepare a plan for your race ahead of time so nothing surprises you. Decide how you want to spread your strength over the 2000m distance, for how long will you save yourself and when will you start the final sprint. Prepare your mind and body for the moment where the lactate acid will kick in and create a powerful mantra that will help you fight the temporary pain. Be in control don’t let the unknown defeat you!

  1. Focus on positive affirmations don’t think of the negative.

Try not to think “what if I won’t…” focus on the positives assure yourself that you are ready. Confidence and believing in yourself are key at this point, stress will limit your abilities greatly. Setting achievable goals in your training plan can help boost your confidence. The more of these goals you achieve, the more confidence you build!


  1. Create a motivational playlist

Prepare a special list of songs that make you feel powerful and undefeated, songs that you don’t listen to during every practice. They must be unique and only dedicated to race days. Once you hear that playlist you know that it’s the GO TIME! Make sure that you listen to that playlist right before the race so you can sit on the ergometer still hearing the lyrics in your ears for the first 500 meters.

  1. Don’t overanalyze, treat it just like another workout.

Words like “TEST” and “RACE” sound scary and make athletes feel very uncomfortable. In reality, it’s just another tough workout and there are others coming up. So, treat it like a workout and a learning experience, if it doesn’t go well, don’t tear up. You will have another chance to see where you need to improve and repeat it in no time, your coach won’t mind so be open-minded ;)

  1. Put in work months ahead don’t count on a miracle unless you are a superhero.

The truth is, unless you are a beast with Superman’s genetic code you will not crush the erg test without proper preparation.

So, work hard months ahead (one week of preps is not enough!), be consistent and honest with yourself - all you do, you do for yourself. When the 2km come you will be calm and ready, because you will know that you’ve done everything that’s necessary and all you have to do now is sit on that machine and prove yourself that you can do it. At the end, once the body is ready it’s all up to your head. GO for IT!

   Author: Anna Wierzbowska




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