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Rowers: The Greek Gods

Did you ever dream about dating a man with a posture of a Greek God and had a hard time finding him in reality? Oh girl…you better start looking for the nearest boathouse, your fantasies come from there. Crew rowing is a full body workout and rowers are beautifully built! Not to forget the chocolate body tan…you’ll never go wrong with a rower.

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Sleep in ...he’ll cook you breakfast.

Rowers start their day early and they do more before 10:00 am than the majority of people before late afternoon. If you need someone to motivate you to wake up bright an early then choose a sexy rower he’ll gladly help you out. If you want to sleep in there is a big chance that you’ll wake up to a breakfast waiting for you in the kitchen. No need to feel guilty if you want to take an afternoon nap he’ll be the first one to join you… or maybe you will have to join him. Either way, he’ll make your day’s sparkle.

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Stay outdoors with a rowing gladiator.

Rowers spend most of their life outdoors and they love it, they are true water babies. If you are looking for a partner in crime who will go on adventures with you then a rower is your perfect pick. You will never get bored!

Source: Anna Wierzbowska


Don’t be shy, eat a burger ;) No need for fasting on the first date.

Do you remember that first date at the restaurant when you were starving but you ordered only a salad and a glass of water to keep it classy? Well, no need to do that on a date with a rower, he eats more than an average man and he will never judge you. Even better he’ll be happy when you join him in smashing his favorite bowl of pasta. He will make you feel comfortable, and you’ll always have an excuse for an extra doughnut.. one for you three for him :-) 


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He will keep you entertained

Skin touched by the sun, muscles like rocks, punctual, active, food loving, we could go on forever. Despite all these wonderful characteristics and habits rowers simply are fun to be with, they have plenty of friends and they will always keep you busy and entertained. After all, rowing is a team sport and every rowing crew is like a family!

Author: Anna Wierzbowska

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