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Every rower has different tastes and cravings, but there are foods that everyone puts on a plate without thinking twice.

Rowing workouts can last long, very long...Sometimes athletes leave the gym after 3 hours of weightlifting or get out of the boat after 2h of monotonous rowing. This sport is a combination of endurance and strength and these two components require energy, the energy that comes from food! Rowers eat five meals a day and that allows them to be ready for the longest workouts and toughest races. Although daily their menu can vary there are 4 super foodsthat will put a smile on every rower's face!


Start your day with a colorful bowl of oatmeal!

For many, oatmeal is a bland, boring breakfast idea but not for rowers. Imagine a large, still steaming bowl of freshly cooked oats mixed with nuts and fruits sprinkled with drops of honey, it's just undeniably tempting.

Despite the taste, why is oatmeal so good for athletes? It's easy to prepare, has a low glycemic index and is full of carbohydrates, therefore, will keep you full longer!

The perfect day-starter!

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Want to be faster, stronger, better? Eat Pasta.

Pasta is a rowing gift from Gods, rowers eat full plates of pasta, doesn't matter if it's lunch or dinner this is their main source of carbs and they will make sure that last piece of penne will disappear from their plate.

Three to two days before competition rowers practice so-called „carb-loading” by stuffing themselves with food full of carbs, mainly pasta. They do it in order to accumulate as much energy for racing as possible.

The moral of the story: who eats pasta brings home medals.

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Chicken - Keep your muscles happy.

Can you imagine a rower without muscles? Neither can we.

Chicken meat is one of the highest protein suppliers, and quality protein is essential for smooth and fast muscle regeneration. Rowing menus always contain chicken meat, it's a must not a choice.

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Peanut Butter, guilt-free pleasure.

For dessert, as a snack for breakfast, with fruits and with veggies-peanut butter is a great source of protein, minerals, and healthy fat.

It's not a cheat food it's a super food and rowers love it! It replaces sweet cravings and keeps you full. Although it's high in calorie content a spoon or two won't kill your healthy diet... three four or five might! So better watch out, it's addictive!

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Author :Anna Wierzbowska