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Everyone at some point in life will face difficult times. When nothing goes as planned when everything seems to go against you and there is no light at the end of the tunnel. These moments are the milestones in our lives, they should be cherished, and appreciated! Instead of moaning and complaining about another lost race or game, we should face it and keep going, here’s why:

1. Quit once and you’ll be quitting forever:

The easiest way when things go wrong is to quit, simply sign out, resign just erase the problem from your life. It seems to be gone but really isn’t. This is probably the worst thing that can be done when we fail because quitting becomes a habit. You quit once and life seems to be easier so you do it again without even giving it a try. If you want to be a successful rowing champion you have to erase phrases like “I ‘cant” or “I give up” from your dictionary. You can and it’s up to you if you master to perfection quitting or winning.

Source: Anna Wierzbowska

2. Failure is a lesson, all champions failed before they reached their dreams.

It’s easy to go through life when things are given to us, in sports physical abilities are important but they don’t guarantee results. Almost every champion had to climb a ladder of obstacles in order to get to the top. Some races are won not by the strongest but by the mentally toughest athletes. In order to keep progressing athletes should train their mind as much as their bodies. At the end of every race it comes down to one decision: whether you will give up and let someone pass you, or despite pain and fatigue, keep going.  Failure is the best teacher, embrace it and treat it as an experience that will make you stronger in the future. When you fail never quit, get up and try again, at some point you will succeed!

Source: Anna Wierzbowska

3. You might be just about to reach your goal.

Sometimes we don’t know how close we are to achieving our goals. We quit in a moment where we were just about to succeed without even knowing it. Don’t let that happen, be in control. Keep pushing, take chances, never give up on your dreams, quitting won’t take you anywhere. And most importantly have faith in your abilities to succeed. Hard work and perseverance will get you to your dream.

Compared to other sports, we rowers have an advantage: the rowing team spirit! 

Source: “Never Give Up.” Never Give up | Imghumour,


Author: Anna Wierzbowska