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She’ll be your gym buddy…your personal warrior princess...

Girls who row are girls who lift. They are not afraid of heavyweights and they can embarrass many men at the gym. She will not only workout with you but she’ll also challenge you to perform better, what guy wouldn’t want a sparring partner like that?


You will never wake up late for work

With her by your side, you will never have to set your alarm clock. Once she’ll leave the house at 6 am to go for morning row you will still have 2 hours left to get ready, don’t get fooled she will never let you sleep in, she’ll make sure that you’ll get to enjoy every sunrise like she does and…you won’t be late for work…ever ;)


She’ll keep your belly full

These girls like to eat well, no need to worry about any diet restrictions she’ll gladly go out with you to a restaurant and will join you in enjoying desserts.

Rowing is a demanding sport and unless your rowing lady is a lightweight, she’ll enjoy eating everything that you cook and she’ll also make sure that you’re never hungry. Trust me, a rowing girl is a keeper!

Sexy body… and unusual tan lines.

Just like men rowing ladies can’t be ashamed of their physique, strong muscular postures will catch your attention right away. In addition to beautiful bodies they have unusual yet very sexy tan lines coming from socks, tank tops or sunglasses…you’ll know right away how she likes to be dressed. If you are a secret fan of tanned skin then you’ll love that attractive female rowing body.


She’s goofy, easy going, and independent…

Rowing is a sport for tough girls and tough girls look at life as at an adventure. They won’t ask you to carry their luggage or open the door for them (that doesn’t mean that you should stop doing it). They are strong minded and independent, proudly wearing their rowing spandex ;). These girls like to joke around, are goofy, relaxed and they will not be easily offended. Gentlemen, don’t wait, date a rowing girl!

 Author: Anna Wierzbowska


-Pictures: Courtesy of Anna Wierzbowska
-Symsern, Sarghlie. “I Miss Rowing :( (Don't Miss the Tanlines Though.) #Tanline #Rowing #Rower #Rowingproblems #Digitalart #Wacom:…”Twitter, Twitter, 3 Apr. 2016,