settembre 28, 2017 2 min read

If you are looking for a partner in crime, a friend for good and for bad, a support system in the worst moments of your life you should start rowing.

Here’s why:


1. Teamwork in a boat & in life:

Rowing is a team sport, there is no place for individuality, everyone in a boat has to work together, synchronized and focused! If only one out of eight blades will hit the water too late, chances for winning a medal will downgrade to zero and everyone in the boat knows about it.

Inside and outside of the boat rowers work together, they are masters of teamwork. From workout through classes to team dinners they love spending time together building priceless memories that last a lifetime.


2. Trust that lasts

When soccer players have a bad game day they sit out on a bench. When a rower wakes up on a race day feeling bad he has to go race, knowing that his boat mates are dependent on his performance, and even if he’s about to faint he will go all out for his teammates! Trust is fundamental for every successful crew, this trust lasts for years and even when rowers are long done with their careers they know that they can always count on their old crewmates!


3. Only a rower will understand another rower’s problems.

Being friends with a rower while not rowing may be difficult, when a group of rowers starts analyzing the last practice, forget it, you won’t understand a word.

Only a rower will understand another rower’s problems, jokes, and questions. After miles of rowing together they understand each other’s anecdotes that aren’t fun for anyone else but themselves and they don’t care about it. Once you start rowing, be prepared to meet unique people willing to do everything for you, people, who will eventually become your friends for life. It’s a part of the deal, not a bad one, right ;-)?


Author: Anna Wierzbowska