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  • Rowing Small Oar Bracelet

    Rowing elegance meets sterling silver in our Small Oar Link Bracelet—a true favorite and one of our most beautiful designs. Crafted with meticulous care, this bracelet is a testament to your passion for rowing and your appreciation for exquisite craftsmanship. Finished with a secure lobster lock, it's more than just jewelry; it's a symbol of your love for rowing.

    Envision this Small Oar Link Bracelet, handcrafted in 925 sterling silver, showcasing the delicate beauty of rowing. The design captures the essence of the sport's grace and precision, making it a beloved choice for rowing enthusiasts. Its lobster lock ensures both style and security, allowing you to wear it with confidence. Whether you're a rower or a dedicated fan, this bracelet is your way of standing out and celebrating rowing's elegance.

    Order one today to add a touch of rowing passion to your attire and stand out at every rowing event. Whether you're on the water or at a formal gathering, this bracelet will be your symbol of rowing dedication and a conversation starter for fellow enthusiasts.

    Oar dimensions:
    Width: 0.2"
    Height: 0.6"