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  • Rowing Cleaver Oar Brooch

    Celebrate elegance with our Cleaver Oar Brooch, a sterling silver masterpiece that pays tribute to rowing's precision. Handcrafted in 925 Sterling Silver with a 14k yellow gold-plated oar collar, this brooch is more than an accessory; it's a symbol of your love for rowing and your impeccable style.

    Picture this sleek and elegant design meticulously handcrafted to represent the Cleaver Oar. Its entire body is crafted in 925 Sterling Silver, while the oar collar shines with the brilliance of 14k yellow gold. This brooch adds the perfect finishing touch to both formal and casual outfits, embodying the essence of rowing's grace and craftsmanship. Whether you're dressing up for a special occasion or simply expressing your passion for the sport, this brooch stands out.

    Elevate your rowing style with the Cleaver Oar Brooch, a sterling silver piece that exudes elegance and precision. Order one today for yourself or as a thoughtful gift to a fellow rowing enthusiast. Wear it proudly at every rowing regatta and make a statement that showcases your love for the sport.

    Dimensions: Width: 2.4" x Height: 0.45"