Januar 23, 2018 2 min read

Rowing Bay Watch

If you happen to be in the company of a rower by a lake or a river don’t be surprised to see them looking at the water mesmerized, saying “oh wow…it’s SO flat”.

The majority of rowers could easily work for a weather channel. By looking at the smallest flag they will tell you whether it’s a head -, side - or maybe tailwind. How strong the current is or how big the waves are. It’s something that comes naturally and can’t be controlled. Rowers ALWAYS asses weather conditions when they are by the water. Be a good friend, accept it and nod with an approval to whatever they say :D 

It’s all about rowing

Are you participating in a rowing reunion, a rowing party or are you going to meet with more than one rower? You don’t know much about the sport? If so, be prepared that you may not be particularly engaged in the conversation, because all they will talk about is ROWING.

You will hear strange slang and see interesting gestures. Rowers will laugh and so will you, but you won’t understand exactly why. These athletes talk about their sport all the time, they live and breathe rowing and quite often they forget that some people may not particularly understand what they are talking about. You will get used to it… eventually ;)

Eat, Sleep, Row, Repeat!

Rowers have their biological alarm clocks. After years of training camps, they are programmed to wake up, eat and workout at the same times of the day. If they don’t, they feel remorse. If you want to make your rower happy first you have to accept that they have their priorities which stand above all. No, they will not skip a workout and most definitely, they will NOT skip a meal.


Author: Anna Wierzbowska



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