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A few years back, this scary machine called Ergometer manufactured by Concept2 stood lonely in the corner of a local gym, unattractive and unwanted, it was an unusual view to see anyone use it. These days the machine is a rowing gift from Gods. How did this happen?

ource: Row’ Is Me, ‘Whoa’ Is Me! CrossFit Games Inspired My Half-Marathon Row.” Tabata Times,

Source: Row’ Is Me, ‘Whoa’ Is Me! CrossFit Games Inspired My Half-Marathon Row.” Tabata Times,


Crossfit, erging all out in one minute.

An ergometer is no longer a death machine only for rowers. Recently, Crossfit became a very popular branch of the sports industry. Crossfit workouts don't last very long but they tend to be very intense, an ergometer is a perfect tool for it.

The rowing machine is used very often at Crossfit Games to test the participant’s fitness, sometimes a one-minute all out piece on the ergometer is enough to take out the toughest competitor.

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Burn your calories faster with the Ergometer!

Everyone these days is looking for a fast and effective way to burn calories.The ergometer is a key to success!

This rowing machine is used to develop strength and endurance at the same time. You can do cardio training or hit the high-intensity workout with short interval pieces, it's all up to the user. It requires you to use the whole body which in effect helps burning calories much faster than many other fitness machines. Burning 800 calories on the ergometer during an hour isn't a problem, all you have to do is pull hard...

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Rowing for cause- raising money on Concept2

Raising money through participation in a sports activity is something very common nowadays. Running events used to be the most popular form of fund-raising. Recently there are more and more races organized on rowing machines, participants either race on a set distance or are asked to row as many miles as they can, the more the better. Every mile counts!

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Indoor Rower-Rehab Tool

Concept2 is a low impact machine that not only protects from injuries but also helps to cure them.Physiotherapy is introducing rowing machines as a form of rehabilitation, not only for young, disabled and injured but also for elderly. It's a modern way of a stress-free, safe physical activity.

Source: What Is FES? FESrowing,


Test yourself with pro rowers

Another advantage of using an indoor rower is that you can actually give it a try and race against professionals. World Indoor Rowing Championships, as well as other continental championships, are open to everyone, you don't have to be a pro to compete, all you got to do is sign up, show up and go all out for 2000m...

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