Dezember 28, 2017 2 min read

Time to say goodbye to the old year and welcome the new. New Year’s resolutions aren’t as popular as they used to be. Why? Due to a simple reason, people have a hard time sticking with them. If you want to be successful, keep it simple. Small changes are key, and here are few tips that will help you maintain your resolutions until next year. 

Make LONG term goals

If you want to have permanent changes then don’t expect that these will happen overnight. The best way to change habits is to give yourself long-term goals composed of small steps. For example, if you decide that you have to drink more water during the day to stay healthy and hydrated, then don’t start with drinking 4 liters at once! Start with your regular amount and add a glass every other day, eventually, you will drink the desired amount without even thinking about it. Remember small steps lead to BIG results.

Pick your FITness Plan

You want to become more active but you don’t know where to start? Google it! There’s nothing shameful about using ideas from the internet, everything is right there and it’s even FREE. Look for a program which is divided into days and slowly becomes more demanding - for example, a monthly challenge. This is the best way to steadily guide your body into training without harming it (seriously don’t start with 200 burpees) once you complete the challenge you will feel the satisfaction and you will be hungry to start another one. Who knows, maybe this time with a friend?


When talking about the most POPULAR new year’s resolutions, diets would surely be one of them.  Usually what we do and what we think we do is far from following a proper diet plan. Most of us cut on sweets or carbs from day to day. Others go into hardcore mode and start fasting all of the sudden. This is probably the biggest mistake that we can make because our bodies HATE the fast changes and won’t easily adjust.

How would you feel walking during winter in a warm jacket and then wake up naked the next day with snow falling on your head? Not good, right? The same thing happens with food. Make wise choices, decrease the amounts and reject the sweets in portions. Enjoy the process, eventually, if you really don’t want to eat chocolate (weird..) you won’t even feel the need. Remember the best way to make smart nutrition changes is to consult with a dietician. In the end, we are all different and not every diet will suit our body.


FINALLY- remember all you do, you should do for YOURSELF and it should make you happy if it doesn’t then DON’T do it!

 Author : Anna Wierzbowska



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